What is NOW with Nicole Avery

There are two tiers to NOW with Nicole Avery.


The free version is my weekly newsletter which I have been sending out for over 10 years and focuses on sharing tips and ideas on personal and family organisation.

When you sign up you will receive the Guide * Plan * Check ✓ download which will help simplify some of the repetitive and time-consuming tasks that occur as a normal part of daily family life. Each page contains a guide, plan or checklist to be printed out and used over and over again. The guide has completed examples for you to use as a base for what will work for you and your family and then links to templates that you can edit to make it fit for you.

Paid subscription

With the paid subscription you will receive two emails a week (plus a link to the midweek email so you can read that too!) and they are designed to help you use your time intentionally so you can live a purposeful life. There is a start of week email where I share my focus for the week and share tips to help you focus and take action. Then there is an end of the week email which is designed to help you review and reflect on your week as I share my reflections with you.

Want a bit more detail about the Sunday and Friday emails?

Paying subscribers will receive an email each Sunday to help you plan your week and use your time intentionally including practical tips and processes. It also includes:

  • Some thoughts to kick off the week and I share my key tasks (1-3) to focus on for my personal, business and health and fitness goals.

  • A call to action for you to list your key tasks in the comments section of the post. You only need to list tasks for the goal that is your prime focus at the moment e.g. either personal, work/business or health and fitness. I only share all three so members can find an area they can relate to and look at the way I am tackling it.

  • I respond to all comments and you can also leave questions if you have them too for me to answer.

You can see an example of the Sunday email here.

Then each Friday I send out an email that shares:

  • An update on my week and lessons on what I have learnt.

  • I share some things I have been reading, listening to and watching - you get all my good finds as they happen. This includes a link to the mid-week newsletter I send out.

  • Progress check on the key tasks I set for the week to help work towards my personal, business and health and fitness goals.

  • A call to action for you to give a progress update on the key tasks in the comments section on the post.

  • I respond to all progress updates listed and answer questions as needed.

I cannot wait to help you crush your goals!

Click here to see the free and paid options available. You can unsubscribe at any time via the links that come at the end of every email - no hard feelings!

What is the aim of NOW with Nicole Avery?

NOW with Nicole Avery is an accountability group that challenges, encourages and inspires women to work towards their goals on a weekly basis. We all have dreams and aspirations but too often they get left to the end of the to-do list or we decide to wait for the right time. The time is now. There is no right time. You are capable. You can do the work. You can achieve your goal. You just need to surround yourself with the right people to help you get started, take continuous action and encourage you to keep going.

Keen to subscribe now? Click here to see the free and paid options available. You can unsubscribe at any time via the links that come at the end of every email - no hard feelings!

Who is NOW with Nicole Avery for?

Are you feeling dissatisfied with where your time, energy and attention is being spent? Do you get to the end of the week and question whether you achieved anything of meaningful value to you. Do you want to live your day to day life with more purpose? Do you want to direct your time, your energy and your attention into things that matter to you and you want to feel a sense of achievement with your progress across the week? Then NOW with Nicole Avery is for you.

Why will it help you?

You know deep down what it is that you want to be working on but there are some key factors holding back your progress. It might be

  • Self-doubt - you worry if you can succeed at achieving your goal. You doubt your skills, knowledge and don’t put enough faith in yourself.

  • Time management - you know that committing to the goal means you will have to make changes to the way you are currently spending your time and this creates fear and makes you feel uncomfortable.

  • Procrastination - you find other areas where “you need” to spend your time often productively to avoid doing the work you need to do because it is hard or challenging

  • Fear of failure - you worry that if you set a goal and don’t achieve it you will be a failure.

NOW with Nicole Avery will help you get organised, get focused, support you and encourage you to take action and back yourself.

Jim Rohn famously quoted that:

"You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with."

I lead the group, sending you a number of emails across the week and share not only the way I tackle my goals and habits but plenty of tips and resources to assist you in achieving your goal. And the group is full of smart, talented and hardworking women. The more you interact with these women, the more you will learn and grow. The group effect will be in full force and spending time to interact in the comments on Monday and Friday will help you to:

  • keep going

  • think bigger

  • make brave choices

  • get valuable feedback

  • see new perspectives

  • feel supported

Have questions or want to get in touch?

Happy to answer any questions you have and you can email me at nicole@planningwithkids.com

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